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About WorkVeteran

We cover everything to do with jobs and careers.

We are a team with many years of experience spanning varying career paths and organizations, both large and small.

We are passionate about providing genuine and honest information and helping people navigate their careers.

We have reached thousands of readers per month through our site.


Pete Andrews                                                         
Chief Editor 

Pete studied Human Resources in college, which led to him working for major corporations and pursuing his love for learning and development.

Pete’s love for people development inspired him to launch Workveteran.com, which assists those seeking to understand job alternatives and professional routes.

Pete spends his weekends walking his dogs and spending time with his kids.


Danielle Jones
Content Author

Before joining Workveteran.com. Danielle had a corporate career in Human Resources.

Danielle is enthusiastic about assisting others by providing educational and interesting material that clarifies professional options.

Danielle enjoys spending her weekends walking, eating healthily, and socializing with her friends and family.


Rachel O’Brien
Content Author

Rachel had worked in the banking industry before joining www.workveteran.com.

Rachel is enthusiastic about producing educational and useful material that answers people’s questions.

Rachel spends her weekends cooking, spending time with her family, and staying active.


Press Releases 

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Make sure to check this list off before you send anything our way:

  • Have sender and contact persons clearly stated (include a phone number so we can reach you for further questions and quotes)
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