Human Resources (HR) A Boring, Unfulfilling job? (Must Read)

So might be thinking of switching careers and moving into Human Resources,?

Possibly considering starting off your working career in Human Resources and want to know if Human Resources (HR) is a boring, unfulfilling job?

It’s always good to check out a career before making the leap into it.

So is Human Resources (HR) a boring and unfulfilling job?

Human Resources is not a boring job. In most instances a fun and fulfilling career. Whether it is working with people to develop their potential or working on policies to improve the organization’s culture.

The outcome is your work improves the workplace for its main asset, people.

Having a positive impact on people is very satisfying and fulfilling.

There is also a lot of variety and lots to learn that keep a career in Human Resources (HR) from being boring. 

Now answered the first question we’ll now see just what makes a career in HR a fun and satisfying career.

Human Resource (HR) you get to develop and help people

Working in HR your in the position of work with a diverse group of people across the organization.

From graduates to rank and file employees to senior management you get to encourage, develop, and support them to improve their performance.

You get the chance to develop the organization’s people.

Whether it is helping someone with their development plan or designing people-centric organizational policies.

It’s highly satisfying and fulfilling to know you are having a positive impact (in most cases) on people’s lives, careers, and some cases livelihoods.

Human Resource (HR) you get to influence outcomes for the organization 

A benefit of working in HR you become connected with senior management allowing you to build credible relationships and importantly help influence decision making.

A good Human Resource Manager becomes the “right hand” person to the executives.

This influence can help determine the direction of the organization.

You get to mold the future of the organization’s culture by recruiting the employees (the organization’s most important asset) into the organization, either directly through the hiring process or by designing the process or policies to do so.

Getting employees with the right skills and cultural fit is essential for the future of the organization.

Human Resource (HR) you build relationships across the organization 

Working in HR you get to know just about everyone (depending on the size organization).

But you do get to know everyone from the graduates, to the workers, prospective employees, the consultants to middle and senior management.

Building this wide range of relationships makes HR interesting and also exciting.

Very few, if any jobs offer this range of relationship building.

This allows you to build not only credible work friendships but also possible friendships in and out of the workplace.

Human Resource (HR) get to expand your career 

In Human Resources you can explore your career in a number of ways. For example, you can go vertically across the domain from recruitment, payroll, coordinating role, business partner type role.

Or you can go horizontally into management roles, managing HR staff, or an HR function.

Unlike most other professions, Working in HR allows you to move across industries. such as FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), mining through to finance.

The ability to move across industries increases job opportunities, improving career options, and helping you realize career aspirations.

It also reduces the dependency of only being able to work in a single industry.

One of the benefits of HR is it is such a diverse and evolving career. In that respect, it is unique from a few other careers if any that offer such breadth and diversity.

Human Resource (HR) you will be exposed to career opportunities 

As mentioned previously, by building relationships across the organization, with management and the ability to move across industries, you will be exposed to career opportunities.

This exposure will also enable you to move out of Human Resources (HR) into other functional areas.

Human Resources (HR) you will get paid above average wage

The good news for Human Resources (HR) you won’t be earning a boring wage and you will earn an above-average wage.

And there are further opportunities to increase earnings with pay increase as you work your way up to more senior HR roles.

Final Thoughts

Working in HR is an interesting, fulfilling career with broad areas to grow and expand into.

It’s a career that you can continue to learn and develop and be passionate about. A multi-facet role where you can meet and build relationships across an organization.

So if you are considering a move into Human Resources it could very well be a fantastic choice offering a fun and fulfilling career.

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