Is 40 years too old to get a degree, is it worth it?

As a 40-year-old the thought of going back to university can be a daunting one.

You might be thinking about the financial burden of obtaining a degree at 40 years old.

Might also be asking yourself what it will be like rubbing shoulders with 20-year-olds at university?

There’s also the concern around dedicating time to studying a college degree, and how this might impact your family life.

So is it too late for me to attend college at 40 years old?

No, it is not too late to attend college at 40 years old.  It will take a few years, however, in the end, you will have a great sense of accomplishment. You will also have learned new skills, knowledge, and friendships with other students. Having a degree will support you in obtaining a pay rise. It may also lead to promotions and open doors to new career opportunities 

Like many people, young and old like the idea of going back to university but not sure if the time, effort, and tuition costs.

The goods news nowadays, colleges are willing to take mature aged students, providing a second chance at education.

Mature aged students’ understanding of the effort, cost, and time are more likely to be more focused than younger students who have just finished high school.

Mature aged students likely to struggle with the adjustment to attending college.

This will soon pass as they discover the enjoyment of learning and meeting new people.

Once the years pass, will be a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment once the course has successfully been completed.

In this article, we’ll explore benefits and how to best manage going back to university after 40 years old.

Benefits of a College degree 

Even in your older years, there are numerous benefits of obtaining a college degree, including career and personal satisfaction.

Having a college degree at an older age increases your access to multiple opportunities in life.

You get a chance to network, collaborate, and build relationships with professors, mentors, and colleagues.

There is also the social aspect of meeting new people. New and old students. Young students think young, which is refreshing. This will make you feel younger and more energized.

The collaboration that comes with studying for a degree will open the door for you, and you may get an opportunity to connect with industry leaders and can exchange ideas with them.

Time organization and management are the two likely skills that you have to adapt to during your college days.

They help you increase your personal growth as well as make you responsible for managing different skills.

Having a college degree will increase your chances of getting a promotion, finding a new good job, and earning a handsome amount that will help you and your family members in fulfilling your financial needs.

There will be a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction once complete. Your friends and family will be super proud of you. This will provide you a sense of pride and confidence.

Intellectual Benefits of a College Degree 

A College’s main responsibility is to increase student’s learning and career opportunities.

In turn, improving the power of people and boosting their knowledge and self-confidence.

That is the reason why aged people turn towards colleges.

No one wants to live his life, depending on others. The dependency is more common nowadays that lose people’s confidence.

A college degree makes them independent as they learn how they can do anything on their own without relying on someone else.

College Degree increases your Social and Networking.  

You won’t lose out on the benefits of a college degree if you want to increase your future promotions and earning opportunities because both depend on your social and networking skills.

We often see people getting jobs through a recommendation made by their close friends.

Having good social and networking skills will let you build a strong professional network that will open job opportunities for you.

A College degree provides you with the opportunity to increase your social and networking, both during college days and after degree completion.

It’s also important to remember that social interaction and friendships are essential for mental health.  Social interaction will only increase by attending college.

College Degree provides a sense of Purpose and Accomplishment. 

Everyone wants to accomplish their dreams goal. Some people want to become Engineer, others to be a doctor or an architect.

Mature aged workers have this desire too, and their main desire is to become a respectable person in society or to become a helping hand for their family to fulfill their needs.

One cannot achieve these goals without having to get enough knowledge.

Obtaining a college degree takes a lot of dedication and work, for a number of years.

There is no greater sense of accomplishment than graduating from college in front of your friends and family.

A college degree gives you the path towards a successful career and life journey.

College Degree improves your Career and Financial opportunities. 

Nowadays, everyone focuses on improving his career and financial opportunities. Then why not older people want? They have their needs too.

Earning a college degree is the right path towards a successful career.

Most people don’t know what to do when entering college life, but most of them have a better job plan after leaving college.

A college degree provides you the skills that are not provided to you during your school days.

It provides you a broad range of skills that will help you to improve your career and increase your financial opportunities.

How much effort does a College degree take?

A college degree requires extra effort if someone wants to have a successful career in the future.

Going to college will consume your time. You might need to seek support from your friends and family. Organizing school pick-ups, meals, and study times.

Many young people leaving high school and going to college get distracted, obtain poor results, and drop out of college.

Mature-aged students understand the importance of effort and time and unlikely to remain dedicated to completing a college degree.

If studying full-time is not an option, there is the option of studying part-time.

This will take twice as long, however is doable.  Part-time also lessens the studying loading, reducing the student’s impact on family and work.

Some institutions offer to study online or in correspondence. If your time-poor, this can have a great advantage as you don’t travel to and from college.

Nor do you need to spend hours in lecture theatres as it is all done online. Allowing you to study when you like.

We have also seen so many people wasting their time, and money doing nothing in their college life.

They don’t know what they will face in the future by not getting the knowledge requirements for a successful career.

You have to indulge yourself in different activities to gain the knowledge that will helpful for you in the future.

You have to do all your things by yourself without anyone’s help if you want your career to grow. 

How to get through college without a massive fee 

Finding the right college, according to your financial requirements, will get you through the college without a massive fee.

Unfortunately, tuition fees keep going up each year, much more than inflation.  I don’t want to put you off going back to college, but there are options open to you.

Most colleges offer financial grants and scholarships, and if you are the right person for their offers, you can get them without having to pay any extra fees.

This depends on you how well you set yourself suitable for the scholarships.

For mature-aged students, leaving their jobs and regular income to support their family and pay the mortgage to study full time cannot be done.

Rather than study full-time, there is the option of studying part-time. This will take twice as long, however is doable.

Part-time also lessens the studying loading, reducing the student’s impact on family and work.

Mature-aged students may find that some governments and institutions offer grants and free childcare.

Some companies encourage their staff to learn by providing time off to study or pay for the tuition fees or part of it.

So don’t hold back speaking with your manager or human resources.

You can get admission to Community colleges that offer low fees, and provide you with the opportunity to transfer yourself to other well-known colleges.

Community colleges have a reputation for providing a low level of education. This is not true.

Most Community colleges provide quality education at a very affordable cost. For example, a 2-year course will cost $3-4k per year (depending on what you study). This cost is significantly less than a private university at $10k per annum.

If you cannot pay upfront or as you go, you can apply for a student loan. However, this can be crushing as you leave college with the burden of a loan.

Importance of rest when studying for a college degree

You have heard a famous quote “Excess of everything is bad for health”. This quote best fitted in a scenario where people workday, and night without sleep.

They think it’s a good idea that will help them in the future, but they are destroying their mental, and physical health.

For a fresh start the next day, rest is required. The rest doesn’t mean that you sleep on a bed or watch TV with a popcorn box in your hand.

You have to indulge yourself in different playful activities like an outing with friends, playing games, exercise, etc., that will refresh your mind.

When you rest, you feel better, and everything with a fresh mind will become easier for you.

The rest is something that you have to work on it, it requires time, and if you have skills, you can do that better with a little practice.

Final Thoughts 

It is hard yet not impossible to achieve the goals that you wish to have with you in the future.

Everything you want to make requires hard work and effort. It won’t matter whether you are young or old if you have the passion and craze you can achieve anything in your life.

The College Degree puts belief in old people’s minds that they can do everything which young people do.

Just motivation and hard work will do the job easier for them, and they have to ability to improve their career and future opportunities.

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