Janitor, A Good Job? (Solved & Explained)

Life would be pretty messy and unhygienic without janitors to help clean up after us.

Janitors play an important role in keeping our world clean and tidy.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a janitor?

Maybe your considering become a janitor and wondering what it is like.

So what is it like being a janitor, is it a good job?

Being a janitor is a good job, so long as you don’t mind cleaning and performing repetitive work.  As a janitor, you can be your own boss being left alone to work at your own pace. You can largely keep to yourself and can listen to music or podcast while working. Being a physical job also keeps you fit and healthy. Some janitors find their work peaceful and relaxing. 

There are times when you have to clean up people’s mess, this is revolting but over time you do get used to it.

You do find ways of effectively cleaning up mess people’s mess without it getting on you. Just to be sure, you always have a shower after a shift.

The hardest part of being a Janitor? (Solved & Explained) 

The hardest part of being a janitor is having to clean up people’s mess and toilet soiled papers all over the cubicle floor.

You expect more from adults but having to clean up someone’s mess left all over the place can be downright revolting.

Like riding a bike, over time it becomes a non-issue and you find ways to clean the mess up effectively and without fuss.

The other hard part of being a janitor is dealing with people who look down on you, thinking your inferior.

Thankfully, these people are the minority. Most people are courteous and considerate.

They understand you are just doing your paid job, an important one.

Being a Janitor stressful? (Solved & Explained) 

Being a janitor is not a stressful job, in contrast, many janitors find their work to be relaxing, engaging in mindfulness as they clean.

Who would have thought that getting paid to mop floors, wiping basins is mindfulness?

Being a janitor you get left alone, you are your own boss.

The only stress is having to deal with the occasional rude person or someone telling you you have missed some cleaning spots.

Besides that, my friend, being a janitor is pretty much a stress-free job.

Few jobs if any offer such a stress-free relaxing experience.

Being a Janitor fun? (Solved & Explained) 

Being a janitor is a fun job. The work is enjoyable, keeps you fit and meet interesting people, so long as you are happy about cleaning things.

Being fun can also depend on who you are working with.

Some janitor roles are solo, meaning you will be working with yourself.

If you are working with a team of friendly janitors then working will be fun.

If you work with not-so-friendly and unhappy co-workers this can take away from the enjoyment of being a janitor.

Final Thoughts

Being a janitor is a good job.  It’s a physical job that’s not too hard on the body.

No need for a gym membership, being a janitor will keep you fit.

It’s a role where you can be your own boss and keep to yourself.

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