Do I Need a Laptop for College? (Simple Answer)

Do you want to know if you need a laptop for college?

Can you manage without a laptop if you don’t take one?

Or are you considering using a desktop computer instead of a laptop?

In this article, we’ll help answer those questions, let’s begin

Do I need a Laptop for College?

Yes, you do need a laptop for College, since assignments are web-based. Students, as is the case with college material, must be connected to the internet at all times to finish their tasks.

If students have a laptop, their onerous assignments will become much easier.

They can use wireless connectivity to connect to the internet as a portable computer.

Now that we’ve answered the first question, let’s move on to the next related questions

How Difficult Is It To Attend College Without a Laptop?

Not having a laptop will make attending College more difficult.

The problem with not having a laptop is that online tasks are difficult to complete.

You’ll be expected to submit assignments or complete readings online, which is much easier with a laptop.

You can get by without one because you can use your college’s library computers, or if you have a desktop, you can do all your online work there- but it would be easier to just whip out your laptop and work on assignments wherever you are (cafeteria, vacant classroom waiting for class to start, etc).

Having a laptop is convenient, and if you don’t require any specific software, you can obtain a basic laptop for under $200.

Do I Need A Laptop For College, Or Can I Just Use a Desktop?

In short, a Laptop is better than a Desktop. A laptop is more convenient for most students than a desktop computer. For one thing, you can study while your roommate is sleeping or making too much noise by taking your laptop to the library or dorm common spaces.

The last thing a college student needs in their cramped shared dorm room is a bulk item.

Laptops not only provide the necessary portability for carrying to and from class, but their lightweight designs also allow for cross-campus trips.

Students are usually kept occupied with document creation and reading, therefore high-end processing power is not required to complete their jobs quickly.

What Do The Forums say?

Do I Need A Laptop For College, Or Can I Just Use A Desktop?

A laptop.

I’m a CS student and have both. I personally still use my laptop more because I’m on the move quite often. The portability of a laptop is a huge plus.

Also, most people do not need the power of a desktop. Don’t get a gaming computer, it will be a big distraction.

Good luck!

Source: Reddit 

If you can afford to bring both and have room for both, bring both.

Laptops are portable and easier to move from class to the library, to the lab, and back to the dorm.

Desktops are easier to use and have more capability and flexibility in some ways.

Also, having both means you can set up a reliable backup/mirroring strategy so if one crap out you have a backup.

Source: Reddit 

Being a student one must always prefer a laptop just for the sheer flexibility it provides in terms of usability.

The life of a college student as you know is very fast. One is moving day in and day out, I don’t think you can afford to sit in one place while the action is going on somewhere else.

Even if you don’t plan on working on a computer outside a room inside the room too you can use it in any way you like.

Source: Reddit 

What Type Of Laptop Should College Students Purchase?

The type of laptop college students should purchase does depend on what they need and also their budget.

Do College Students Need Microsoft Office?

Yes, College students do need Microsoft Office. Whether it’s putting together a presentation in PowerPoint, submitting a task via email in Outlook to the professor, or generating analysis spreadsheets in Excel, there will be a need for students to use Microsoft Office. 

If you’re worried about spending $200 or more on the Microsoft suite, the good news is that many colleges have a student program where you can purchase a “personal copy” of MS Office for $10. (approximately).

It is well worth the ten dollars, so check with your college.

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