Studying Law Hard?

Studying Law Hard? (Solved & Explained)

Lawyers are held in high regard within our society

There are few jobs out there as prestigious as being a lawyer.

The prestige of being a lawyer is one of the key reasons why people decide to attend law school.

Is studying Law Hard?

Yes, studying law is hard. It is no easy task. Most students struggle with a vast amount of studying, having to read, comprehend, and apply different logical processes and analyses.

However, studying law is not difficult if you can think logically, study hard, and can get a handle on the application of the law. 

College Friendships x
College Friendships

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Success at studying law is dependent on how hard you are willing to work and how well you are suited for studying law.

Whilst it is evident that studying law is hard, we’ll explore common concerns people have around joining the lawyer profession.

How Hard Is Law School?

Getting a law degree is no easy task.  Whilst the rewards of becoming a lawyer may be great, it will take a serious number of serious hard work studying,

There will be some academically capable students who will find law school relatively easy.

There will be a vast number of students who will need to focus and work hard to pass law school.

And then there will be some students who are not that academically inclined, will struggle and have to work extremely hard to pass law school.

If you are focused, willing to put in long hours and work hard you can become a lawyer.

Which Year Of Law School Is The Hardest?

For most students, the first year of law school is the hardest.

The complexity and sheer scale of information that students are expected to cram than they’re used to makes the first year the hardest.

Studying law can be compared to studying a whole new language.

It can be exhausting.

End of the first year you will have a grasp of the law, how lawyers think, what it takes to become a lawyer and apply to the second year of studies.

You will also be able to apply the concepts you have learned.

By the third year, you will be thinking like a lawyer, gain a huge amount of knowledge, and appreciate the amount of study you have to understand to get to this point.

The third-year is when you are also ready and thinking about finding a job.

You are likely over studying law by this stage.

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How does one do well in law school?

If you are planning on becoming a lawyer it’s important to enjoy learning law. Because you will be immersed in studying law for 3 years plus you might as well enjoy it.

Below are our tips for being successful at law school

1. Prepare before you arrive 

Getting a head start by studying before arrival at law school will give you a head start.

But before you study all the textbooks (they are huge) find out key areas/concepts that you need to understand. This can be done by getting hold of the syllabus.

2. Hit the ground running 

Doing well in the first year will set you up for success in achieving your goal of becoming a lawyer.

Doing well within the first year puts you in a good position to continue to complete the law degree.

Law firms generally hire interns in the first year, so getting decent scores is important.

3. Attend Class 

At times attending class can feel like a waste of time. However, it is important to attend.

Although you might already know the information, it does get reinforced by repetition with the lecturer talking through it.

You will also get to hear the perspective of the lecturer who might give away some information that is critical for exams.

4. Put in the effort 

Attending class, keeping up with the syllabus, and reading you should be able to land somewhere in the middle of the grading curve.

If you are wanting to do land higher up the grading curve you will need to be prepared to work harder than your peers.

This means being prepared to work incredibly hard, potentially outstudying your peers.

This will involve committing yourself to study long hours.

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Final Thoughts

Yes, learning law is difficult. It is not a simple process. Most students struggle with a large quantity of study, which requires them to read, absorb, and apply various logical processes and analyses.

However, studying law is not tough if you can think clearly, study hard, and understand how the law is applied.

Although studying law is hard, However, the important thing is not to stress too much.

Do work hard, but also don’t forget to take time out to enjoy yourself. This includes building friendships.

Making friends means you will have a support network when you need help or when times get tough.

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