Veterinary Assistant: 7 Things You Need To Know (Must Read)

Being a vet is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs you can be a part of.

There are bittersweet emotions attached, especially when your patients are voiceless.

Much like every job, becoming a vet asst. has its ups and downs, but it’s a great career if you love animals.

What Is It Like Being a Veterinary Assistant?

The average day of a vet assistant involves helping the doctor check animals and getting to the bottom of whatever may be bothering them.

A fair deal of checks and tests are involved because animals can’t communicate the way humans do. 

 Once the Doctor and assistant get to the bottom of whatever the issue may be, they can choose the next course of action.

Medical treatment or surgery is usually the go-to option. Sometimes a combination of both may be the most appropriate measure.

Hard Being a Veterinary Assistant?

Yes, it is hard being a Veterinary assistant because a vet’s assistant is an extremely challenging job, most of the time, animal cases are urgent and require immediate attention. Coupled with the fact that most veterinary facilities are short-staffed, the workload can be hard to manage sometimes. 

 Moreover, losing a furry patient can take its toll on your mental health despite it being an everyday part of the job

There may also be an emotional cost to seeing animals in poor condition or abused by their owners.


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Being a vet is worth it because there’s a huge emotional reward to helping animals feel better and helping their owners in a very challenging time.

Of course, not every day is about performing heroic surgeries.

Most days, we perform simple procedures such as clipping toenails and administering vaccinations. 

Source: Quora

It’s also a hard job being a Veterinary Assistant because animals become ill and require care at all hours of the day and night, veterinarian assistants frequently work holidays, nights, and weekends. Large animals must sometimes be moved and held still for treatments by assistants.

A significant disadvantage of working as a veterinarian’s assistant is the relatively low pay.

The average hourly wage for vet assistants, which includes animal caretakers in labs, is around $14.28. This is especially true given her long hours and the nature of her job.

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Hard To Become a Veterinary Assistant? (Must Read)

Yes, it is hard to become a Veterinary Assistant because you usually have to take a course in basic animal medicine and healthcare after graduating high school. Some clinics offer on-the-job training, but that doesn’t cut it because you lack credentials. 

 Studying the course would be the best option as it gives you a holistic idea of veterinary science and how to conduct yourself in the field.

Do Veterinary Assistants Wear Scrubs?

It depends on the clinic they work at. Some clinics don’t mind the assistants wearing whatever they feel like, while others encourage wearing scrubs with name tags and the clinic’s logo.

Remember that your clothes will be exposed to things like faeces, urine, vomit, blood, and so on, and you may want to have separate clothes for work and your other daily activities. This also applies to shoes!

Skills Needed to Become a Veterinary Assistant?

Perhaps the most important skill or trait required to become a vet assistant is empathy. Once you truly empathize with the animal, only then can you formulate the best course of action.

Along with this, it would be best to have strong decision-making skills, the ability to work under pressure, and management skills to ensure colleagues and subordinates get the job done.

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Being a vet is more than just working with animals. One of the most important aspects of the job is building a healthy relationship with the owners.

Pet owners often don’t understand what’s happening to their pets and need someone communicative and trustworthy to take care of their pets.

Assisting them along the journey and helping them pick the best option for their pets can help you build a long-lasting relationship. 

Source: Quora

Do Veterinary Assistants Get Paid Well?

Yes, Veterinary Assistants do get paid well; they average out at about $30k USD per year and can go higher depending on experience and scale of the clinic’s operations. 

Veterinary Assistants in Demand?

Yes, Veterinary Assistants are in demand. With more and more people developing empathy for animals and respect for nature, the need for doctors and vets continues to rise.

Growth can be expected in the industry as well as interpersonal career prospects. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that nearly 20,000 new jobs are expected to come about between 2020 and 2030. 

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Pros and Cons of being a Vet Assistant


  • Becoming a vet’s assistant gives you a newfound appreciation for animals. 
  • Career prospects look positive for people in the veterinary industry. 
  • The average salary range is decent for entry-level workers fresh out of high school
  • It is one of the noblest careers in society
  • You play a part battle against animal cruelty. 
  • Career progression is fast; the journey from assistant to supervisor/ manager is swift in the next few years
  • Clients truly appreciate the work that you are doing. 
  • If you don’t plan on practicing in the US, you could easily make your way abroad with your current skillset 
  • If you love animals, this is the perfect chance to spend time with them


  • There are better-paying jobs out there
  • Grief is a common aspect of the job
  • Working in the vet’s office can be extremely messy
  • You may get sick more often than you are used to
  • The fast-paced environment can become overwhelming at times
  • Many of your actions and decisions have life or death implications for the patient
  • There is an immense amount of responsibility on your shoulders. 
  • The winter season results in a major influx of patients. You may not get a chance to take leave
  • Burnout and exhaustion come fast. 

What the Internet Says!

The emotional toll this profession takes is immense. Animals aren’t able to comprehend their situation and can be immensely scared and upset when they come to the vet’s office.

Moreover, vets also have to encounter animals who have been purposely harmed, and this can be an incredibly painful situation for everyone.

Additionally, vets also have to deal with the emotions of the owners.  

Source: Quora

Final Words

Becoming a Veterinary Assistant might be one of the best career moves you have ever made. It’s the kind of job where you can rest assured, knowing that you are doing something positive in the world.

 Society needs more vets in general and assistants to help.

With people becoming more sensitive to animal issues, entering the field when there is a stark demand for talent would be a good professional and personal decision.

However, as we mentioned earlier, this isn’t a job for the faint-hearted. Not only is there a rush of emotions attached to the role, but it is one of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs you can think of. 

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