Being An Accountant An Enjoyable Job? (Explained)

If you enjoy numbers and crunching numbers there is no better occupation for you.

However, many people may look down on this essential job as being too mundane or traditional, when it is anything but.

Nowadays we have a wide range of occupations we can pick from.

Gone are the days when people had to choose between a handful of traditional fields.

The jobs these days are exciting and challenge us to think outside the box.

However, some conventional occupations still do, and will always remain essential and in demand. One such field is that of an accountant.

So being an Accountant is an enjoyable job?

Yes, if you love crunching numbers, studying data, and problem-solving, being an Accountant is a rewarding career. Accounting is also a rewarding profession since you give strategic recommendations to the business.

So now we have answered the first question, let’s further explore why accounting is an enjoyable job.

Accountants solve problems and offer solutions.

Accountancy isn’t just about number crunching. There are many dimensions to the job, and one of the biggest is problem-solving for businesses.

There are many financial problems that companies face day in and day out, and the accountant helps come up with solutions.

These solutions are designed to maximize profits through creative solutions involving lateral thinking and in-depth analysis.

Accountants help solve not just problems that the business is facing, but they also spot problematic patterns and help prevent future issues.

In this manner, accountants act as strategic players essential to any corporation.

The problems faced by each company are unique, so there is a lot of creative thought as well as communication that goes into coming up with solutions.

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Accountants provide Strategic advice to the business or clients.

The biggest goal of any business is growing, and this is a milestone that no corporation can reach without the help of accountants.

There are several aspects to strategic advice, and this advice helps businesses forecast for the future, plan, and assess financial tracking on a monthly basis.

Forecasting and goal setting are the drivers of any corporation, and the job of the accountant is to help the company set challenging yet achievable goals.

Forecasting is regularly adjusted and refined, as the circumstances are always changing.

Accountants help corporations navigate through financial recessions and other crises.

Accountants collaborate and build relationships with the business.

While many imagine that accountancy is an occupation best suited to introverts, that isn’t the case.

In fact, accountants need to be able to cultivate meaningful relationships within the business so that their solutions can be implemented.

Accountants act not just as financial managers, but as trusted advisors.

As an accountant, you have to spread awareness regarding the company’s goals and motivate the employees to attain those goals.

The best way to sell your solutions to your clients is by taking on board their solutions while providing a structure of your own.

When you keep your clients on board and provide sophisticated solutions, you can create long-lasting professional contacts.

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The accountant’s role is intellectually interesting and challenging.

Another misconception regarding the role of accountants is that the main focus of the job is on number crunching and data entry.

While that is a part of the job, it is wholly incorrect to suggest that accounting isn’t intellectually challenging.

There is a wide range of issues that accountants need to handle, and this can consistently keep you on your toes.

Furthermore, solving problems faced by any business is akin to solving tricky puzzles, and you have to come up with the most creative solutions.

You have to look at data and spot patterns and fix those patterns through in-depth analysis.

So, if you enjoy honing your organizational skills and thinking analytically, this is a great career path for you.

Accountants are always in demand.

When picking any occupation, one of the most significant considerations is to check whether the job will be in demand or not.

After all, higher studies can be incredibly expensive, and no one wants to waste thousands of dollars on a degree that won’t be in demand.

Accountancy, however, is a profession that is always needed, even in times of recession. In fact, in recessions and falling economies, their skills can be more critical than ever.

There is a rising demand for accountancy services for several reasons. Many businesses are growing, which increases the need for long-term financial planning.

Furthermore, with cybersecurity crimes on the rise, companies need accountants to help mitigate risks of cybersecurity risks through auditing, compliance, and risk management.

In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that the need for accountants will grow by 4% from 2019 to 2029, which is no small number.

Accountants are always learning.

Accountancy is one of the few professions where you are always learning new things, even years into working as a professional.

The biggest reason for this is the fact that every business faces problems unique to its structure, and we always need to come up with 100% original solutions.

Furthermore, there are continually changing laws which we need to update ourselves with to ensure our clients stay compliant.

Additionally, while specialization isn’t required, you can always opt for it yourself to further improve your skills, and there are many fields in accountancy that you can select.

Accountants get paid well.

If money is your most significant consideration when picking a career, you should definitely consider accountancy.

Because their services are so essential to keeping businesses afloat, accountants actually make a lot of money.

The average yearly salary of an accountant is $70,500, with those with more experience and qualifications going up to almost $93,000 annually.

This is the equivalent of making around $35 every hour, which is a fantastic salary package.

Furthermore, salaries for all accountants are incredibly high, with even fresh graduates making a reasonable sum of money.

The skillset that accountants bring to the table is incredibly valuable, so accountants are duly compensated.

Accountants are respected

Even those with little understanding of the field know that accountancy is no easy task.

There is a lot of data analysis involved, as well as dealing with confusing numbers day in and day out.

This makes accountancy a profession that is well-respected by those who aren’t in the field themselves.

Furthermore, accountancy is equally respected by the clients you work with.

They understand best just how vital the services of an accountant are to the business, and therefore value and respect your profession.

Without an accountant, any business would drown, and companies understand this best.

Therefore, if you want fame, recognition, and respect, accountancy is the perfect profession for you.

Accountant roles vary and are broad-ranging.

The job of an accountant is incredibly diverse and requires them to play many different roles in the company.

These can be from simply providing bookkeeping services, to being a key strategic advisor.

Accountants have to manage all financial data by keeping all records in compliance with local laws while also establishing control procedures.

Additionally, they have to prepare annual and monthly reports, give financial advice and help the company come up with achievable goals.

Furthermore, accountants also need to be knowledgeable regarding the latest data entry and analysis software.

Accounting provides career growth and opportunities.

When you have a degree in accounting as well as some experience, the opportunities are practically endless.

Not only can you enter just about any industry, but you can explore different corporate cultures. With further specialization, you can work as a budget specialist, managing audits, or as a financial analyst.

Furthermore, you can even get a CPA and start your own accountancy firm.

Whether you want to run your own business or work with multiple corporations, the choice is yours.

You can either avail of these growth opportunities by consistently operating in one sector and building up your experience and references, or you could go back to school and get a specialization.

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Accounting is a stepping stone to being an entrepreneur.

Many imagine that an accountancy degree is only useful if you plan on working with some company, and not if you want to start your own business.

However, accountants can actually make the best entrepreneurs around.

Accountants have the ideal skillset for becoming an entrepreneur.

They have vast financial knowledge, and know-how to run a business to maximize profits.

They can foresee any upcoming issues within the company, and can also keep track of all financial records.

Furthermore, accountants are trained to handle issues such as communication, team management, and time management skills logically to ensure the best outcome.

They have a deep understanding of the mechanics of a business, and you can easily use these skills to become an entrepreneur and set up your firm.

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Final thoughts

Yes, becoming an Accountant is a fulfilling job if you enjoy crunching numbers, researching data, and problem-solving. Accounting is also a rewarding career since you provide strategic advice to businesses.

Accountancy is a profession that is often misunderstood by the vast majority as being dull.

However, as you’ll see by reading the reasons listed above, it’s actually anything but.

Accountancy can prepare you to work with the most prominent companies around, and it can also teach you how you can become your own boss.

With a fabulous salary package, excellent opportunities for advancement, and constant creative stimulation, accountancy is easily one of the best professions around.

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