Engineering a Hard Job? (Must Read)

We have all had this impression that engineering is not a tough discipline and working as an engineer is complicated.

It is also believed that finding a job as an engineer is one of the hardest things to do.

Yes, from courses to practical implementation, no matter what type of engineering it is, it’s complicated than other subjects.

But if you master algorithms, it’s possible to overcome the odds and thrive as an engineer.

So is Engineering a hard job?

Engineering is not a hard job if you enjoy mathematics and have an interest in science, physics and enjoy solving problems by coming up with engineering solutions. If you don’t enjoy science, physics and even maths you will likely find Engineering a hard job.

To some extent, studying engineering is hard. Some engineering majors can be difficult than others.


The reason engineering is difficult is that the programs try to prepare the students to enter the workplace, which mostly involves solving challenging problems.

It’s usually the math or the workload that students struggle with.

Engineers must apply the principles of math and science for developing economic solutions and even solving technical problems.

Engineers also develop products and they must specify the functional requirements of the project precisely.

They must design and test the components of the product, integrate the components for producing a final design, and evaluate the product’s efficacy, cost, safety, and reliability.

Engineers must be inquisitive, analytical, creative, and detail-oriented.

They must also possess soft skills since they have to interact with specialists in a range of fields.

So now I have answered the first question, let’s dive into this profession deeper to uncover the truth about engineering.

Is Engineering a Stressful Career?

Yes, engineering is a stressful career. Ask an engineer and they would tell you their job is extremely challenging. Whether or not it’s a stressful career depends on the role and industry.

Typically, the work responsibilities are much challenging than what gaming app developer or even a writer. Some jobs are stressful while others are not.

Engineering-related careers challenge intellectually. Many engineers say it helps them develop a sense of purpose.

Everything that we see, use, and touch has some form of contact with engineering.

Some days can be stressful regardless of your industry. With some stress handling tips, the stress can be managed.

The easiest way of tackling stress is to prepare in advance so that you stay on top of your tasks and not miss any deadlines.

Most of all, if you enjoy what you do, you won’t find anything stressful.

Is Engineering a Boring Job?

Engineering is not a boring field because it constantly keeps you engaged. In fact, it’s one of the most fun and exciting jobs out there.

Your workday is not predictable and you are always solving something.

There is not a single day that goes without a challenge, analytics, reasoning, and problem-solving.

If you hear that an engineer quit their job because they were bored, it’s probably because they felt unchallenged or unmotivated.

No engineer would choose this profession without interest.

The people who thrive as successful engineers are actually the ones who live in Math and Physics and they like to use them in everyday life.

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Do Engineers Like their Job?

Yes, most engineers like their jobs. In fact, most engineers are passionate about their jobs. These individuals have a fascination with solving real-world problems.

Most engineers like being surrounded by challenging projects because the work they do nourishes their brains.

Engineers have the potential to make a tangible difference in the world, which is another reason why they love their job.

They build new tech and create a lasting change in the lives of people whether it’s designing a prosthetic limb, constructing a bridge, or setting up a wind turbine.

These individuals spend their time solving mission-critical problems that are directly related to the health and safety of humans as well as society.

It takes science, math, logic, and creativity to come up with solutions related to saving lives, protecting the planet, and preventing diseases.

Is Engineering a Dying Field?

No, the engineering field is not dying. Engineering is still in demand, expected to grow between 2-8 per cent per year in the coming years. Whilst there are complicated systems, infrastructure, manufacturing industries there will always be a need for engineers. 

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What do Engineers do every day?

Most of what engineers do daily fall into four categories: analysis, planning, problem-solving, and communication.

Depending on the role, industry, level, the day of an engineer consists of a mix of these functions.

Most engineers have a flexible schedule. The day begins by having a quick overview of the emails to catch up with the progress on-site.

Throughout the day, there are meetings, discussions about the design, logistics, and cost factors.

When the engineer is not in a meeting, they are either designing engineering documents for a project in question or creating and reviewing design drawings. The tasks vary from one day to another.

Apart from these responsibilities, they must also attend the construction site and perform commissioning duties on the project they are involved in.

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Final Thoughts 

Engineering is not a difficult profession to pursue if you appreciate mathematics, science, physics, and problem-solving via engineering solutions. If you don’t like science, physics, or even arithmetic, you’ll probably struggle in engineering.

Engineering is one of the most misunderstood career paths. Some might believe that engineer is one of the basic career options but it’s not.

And if you had believed it’s not so exciting, then we hope those myths are uncovered as well.

What engineers do is important and that’s one of the reasons why love their love.

To sum up, engineering is much more than a profession it’s a field like art and science.

The term engineer is a broad term so it’s hard to explain what type of work they do.

It’s one of the most diverse fields of all, which is full of challenges, reasoning, and problem-solving.

No wonder only an individual who is loves engineering can emerge as a successful engineer.

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