Chemical Engineering a Dying Field? (Solved & Explained)

Are you considering pursuing a career in Chemical Engineering and wanting to know if it’s a career worth pursuing?

You might be wondering if Chemical Engineering is a dead-end, dying field?

It’s a very good question to have answered before you spend years pouring your effort into studying for a Chemical Engineering degree.

So is Chemical Engineering a dying field?

Chemical engineering is not a dying profession. Chemical engineers are still in high demand. Employment is expected to grow by 4% between 2019 and 2029. Nonetheless, demand for Chemical engineers will vary depending on the industry, with declines in some areas and increases in others.

This growth is just as fast as the average of all other occupations.

However, the demand for a chemical engineer’s services depends on the demand for various manufacturing industries.

These engineers work with ground-breaking technologies to make the everyday life of people easier.

Before you choose a chemical engineering field, keep in mind the demand for engineers mirrors the demand for products in different manufacturing industries.

Therefore, choose thriving manufacturing such as plastic and resin.

The food processing, clothing, electronics, and paper industries also present great work opportunities for chemical engineers.

Chemical engineers don’t just work in labs, they can also be employed at academic positions if they hold a doctoral degree.

Long story short, engineers’ demand will remain at the forefront as long as new technologies keep on emerging.

If you are an engineer with 5 years or more experience, you will likely encounter an exceptional job opportunity at a competitive salary.

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