Mechanical Engineering a Dying Field? (Explained)

Are you considering pursuing a career in Mechanical Engineering and wanting to know if it’s a career worth pursuing?

You might be wondering if Mechanical Engineering is a dead-end, dying field?

It’s a very good question to have answered before you spend years pouring your effort into studying for a mechanical engineering degree.

So is Mechanical Engineering a dying field?

Mechanical Engineering is not a dying field, the role of a Chemical engineer is still in demand. It is projected that employment will grow 9 per cent from 2019 to 2029.  Driving this growth is demand in the aerospace, medical device, biotechnology, automotive, and automation industries. Keeping in mind growth rate will differ between the branches and industries that employ Mechanical Engineers. 

In the automotive industry, mechanical engineers will be required to play a part in improving the range and performance of hybrid and electric cars.

Mechanical engineering has been around for thousands of years, and it will not be going away even in the vast future.

As long as humans need machines and other complicated systems, mechanical engineers will remain in demand.

In fact, it’s safe to say that it’s going to grow rapidly instead and develop into even more branches.

The growth of 9% is just as fast as the average of all other occupations.

However, this growth may differ in different mechanical engineering branches and can also be affected by other employers.

Long story short, engineers’ demand will remain at the forefront as long as new technologies keep on emerging.

With baby boomers set to retire over the coming years, their vacancies will be filled by a younger generation of the workforce.

Hence, if you are an engineer with 5 years or more experience, you will likely encounter an exceptional job opportunity at a competitive salary.

If you are interested to understand more about being a Mechanical engineer we have an article detailing what it is like.

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