Hairdresser a Good Job? (Solved & Explained)

You don’t have to be a girl to know that your hair can make or break any look.

Hair is an integral part of your appearance, and bad hair days can make you look unkempt and lazy.

While we might try our hand at hairstyles, there’s nothing that can compare to the real deal.

Getting a professional blowout or a new haircut can revamp our look entirely and let us look more put-together.

A good hairstyle can immensely improve your appearance and highlight your focal points while hiding your flaws.

If you enjoy making people look their best, a career as a hairdresser might be perfect for you.

While no one will deny that hairdressers are absolutely essential, many misconceptions surround the question of whether hairdressing is a promising career.

So is being a hairdresser a good job? Is it a good career?

Yes, being a hairdresser is a good job. If you want to show off your creative flair, work at your own pace, earn a good wage, and make people happy, hairdressing is definitely a promising career. There is also a lot of variety in the hairdressing profession. You can specialize in hair cutting, dyeing, or styling, and be a pro in your area.

Hairdressers these days are no longer limited to their locality. Instead, you can quickly go global if you advertise your brand on social media.

However, hairdressing is an art itself, and you need to have a flair for it.

If you’re wondering whether being a hairdresser is a good career, keep reading below.

So now let’s uncover the main questions relating to becoming a hairdresser and why it’s a good job

Is it hard being a hairdresser?

Yes, being a hairdresser is hard. While videos can make it look deceptively easy to give yourself a haircut, that isn’t the case in real life. Haircutting, styling, and dyeing can be incredibly challenging to manage, and it can take a lot of time to master the skill.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that you’re ready to work long hours in the salon.

Hairdressing can take a lot of time and patience, so be sure you have good stamina and be on your feet for a long time.

However, one of the hardest parts of being a hairdresser is the customers themselves.

As a hairdresser, you get the chance to meet some lovely people with who you can form long-term professional relationships.

However, some people aren’t that pleasant and can miscommunicate and be hard to please.

It can be hard dealing with these factors, but your devotion to your career can let you pull through

Is it hard to become a hairdresser?

Learning to become a hairdresser is not hard, however, it does involve a lot of formal training, and being an accomplished hairdresser requires you to have a creative flair.

You want your clients to be satisfied every time they step off of the chair, and that can take a lot of hard work.

Therefore, beauty school is a must, and here you can learn the essential basics of haircutting and some technical details about chemical hair procedures.

Furthermore, it would help if you stayed updated with the latest trends in the beauty world to provide your clients with the best services.

Moreover, you also need a license before you can enter the job market.

While there are some requirements you need to fulfill to become a hairdresser, the process can be quite enjoyable if this is your passion.

Is it fun being a hairdresser?

If there’s one thing we can say for sure, it’s that yes, being a hairdresser is an incredibly fun job! As a hairdresser, you can work hands-on with all sorts of people each day, and let them feel better about themselves.

It can be an enriching experience to make people look like the best version of themselves.

Furthermore, you can get the chance to form long-term relationships with your clients.

Once your clients come to enjoy your services, they’re sure to keep coming back to you permanently.

How much does a hairdresser make per week?

As a hairdresser, you can make a reasonable $623 per week in your career.

However, many factors go into the amount you get weekly.

Your level of expertise, location, and popularity can influence how much you make.

If you’re aiming for a more generous paycheck, it’s a great idea to publicize your social media work.

Once you have a robust social presence, you can become somewhat of a celebrity in the beauty world, and charge as much as you like.

Furthermore, as you gain experience, you can become a salon manager, or even start a business of your own, allowing you to make money.

What is the starting salary of a hairdresser?

If you’re entering the beauty world, your starting salary won’t be that high.

On average, new hairdressers can expect to make $11.67 per hour when they start.

However, when you’re beginning, you get the chance to get an immense amount of experience in a short time.

How many hours do hairdressers work each month?

Typically, hairdressers full-time work around 40 hours per week.

One of the most significant benefits of working as a hairdresser is that you have immense job flexibility.

As a hairdresser, you can pick the number of hours you want to work in a week.

You can choose to work 40-hour work weeks or work as little as you like.

As a rule of thumb, however, most hairdressers work on weekends and in the evenings too.

In fact, weekends and evenings can be much more hectic than the rest of the day, as it’s the time when most clients are getting ready for a night out.

Furthermore, many hairdressers also work freelance, which gives them no set number of hours they need to fulfill.

Final Thoughts 

Hairdressing is a profession that can take you across the globe and bring you immense fame, but only if you can stick to it.

If you want to make a name for yourself, hairdressing can help you do just that.

However, what’s more, important is that as a hairdresser, you get the opportunity to work in an incredibly creative field and be a trendsetter.

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