Civil Engineering a Dying Field? (Solved & Explained)

Without Civil Engineers our lives would be totally different.

Civil Engineers are responsible for all the tools that make our everyday lives easier., such as appliances, trains, cars, etc.

They obviously play an important role in our society, literally taking us forward.

Civil Engineering a dying field?

No Civil Engineering is not a dying field. With the human population increasing worldwide, there’s a need for civil engineers more than ever before to build suitable infrastructure to ensure that we can accommodate everyone comfortably. Civil Engineers are expected to grow by 2-3 per cent from 2019 to 2029.

Growth will vary between countries, states, towns, and cities.

Civil engineering is a profession that can never go out of demand, as there are always ways in which we can live more comfortably.

With a degree as a civil engineer, you are likely never to lack work.

Not only do we need civil engineers to help build new infrastructure, but we also need their help to repair existing structures.

As they age, dams, roads, buildings, and other public structures undergo wear and tear.

Civil engineers are essential for the upkeep of these structures.

Civil engineers will play a part in renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar farms.

These renewable energy projects are heavily dependent on state and local government approvals and funding necessities.

These projects are generally large and employ a large stream of civil engineers.

In short, Civil engineering has been around for years and will continue to be for many more.

So, with this profession, you don’t need to worry about job prospects no matter where you are.

As humanity progresses, our need for civil engineers will continue to grow, making this a stable profession that will stay in demand.

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