Being a Doctor Difficult? (Explained & Solved)

Doctors are seen as leaders in our society and community.

Even when chatting in a social setting,

Doctors are listened to when they speak.

One reason for being so well respected is the advice and services they provide…

The other is the hard work invested in studying to become a doctor.

So being a Doctor difficult?

Yes, being a Doctor is a difficult profession.  Firstly, studying to become a Doctor is a long, arduous, and demanding process. Once you have become a doctor you have to deal with working gruelling hours of work. Then there’s the pressure of making decisions that may lead to the life or death of a patient. 

So now we have answered the main question, let’s uncover the main difficulties Doctors face.

Being a Doctor working long hours is hard

Yep, doctors do work long hours. This should come a no surprise.

The role of a doctor does include set hours.

That being said Doctors end up working longer hours, longer shifts, more days on call, and fewer days off.

Working gruelling hours is mentally and physically difficult for Doctors.

Making a Doctor’s life difficult.

But knowing that you directly solving people’s health issues and their lives better makes working difficult hours not too bad.

Doctors having to deal with a large amount of paperwork is difficult.

You might be thinking that Doctors have to fill out heaps of paperwork after seeing a patient.

If you are thinking this, then you are right.

A recent survey found that Doctors spending over two-thirds of their time performing paperwork !!!

No wonder doctors get burnt out!!

Paperwork for Doctors is as exciting as sticking a needle in the arm.

The paperwork is not going away fast anytime soon.

With litigation (especially in the USA) on the rise, there’s a need to accurately capture the patient’s medical condition.

Then there’s the need to document patients’ conditions for other medical staff to view.

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Dealing with death is difficult for Doctors 

Doctors are human too. They strive to get the best outcome for a patient

Thinking through possible scenarios and conferring with other doctors in coming up with the best option to save a patient’s life is difficult.

And when the patient passes away this can be difficult for doctors.

Especially if they have built up a relationship with the patient and their family too.

Then having to the bearer of bad news, is incredibly difficult.

The passing of a patient can be very upsetting and difficult.

Something that can cause a lot of stress for a Doctor.

Not only emotionally exhausting, but they also find themselves going through all the “what if” scenarios.

Doctors having to give a diagnosis can be hard

Telling a patient they have a terminal illness like cancer can be very difficult.

Most people’s greatest fear is cancer and having to tell them they have cancer is terrible.

Having such a significant impact on a patient’s life, knowing their lives will never be the same again or very likely coming to an end.

It’s awful knowing a patient is going to have a tough time going through treatment, like trying to cure their cancer is a nightmare and will be incredibly painful.

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Final Thoughts 

The long exhausting work hours whilst having to make clinical decisions that impact well being of patients makes being a Doctor difficult.

Then there’s the challenge of having to deal with mountains of paperwork.

After all this, you probably wondering if it’s worth being a Doctor.

Being a Doctor may be difficult, however, it is a very well respected, enjoyable career.

A career that you can have a positive impact on people’s lives

It’s also a career where you will never stop learning with many career options.

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