Business Degree: 7 Things You Should Know

Business Degree: 7 Things You Should Know (Explained)

So you are thinking about what you should study, and maybe it is a Business Degree.

To help you make an informed decision I have performed some research on 7 things you should know about a Business Degree.

So before we explore the 7 Things you should know about studying for a Business Degree, let’s discuss what is a Business Degree.

What is a Business Degree? (Explained)

A Business degree involves acquiring foundational knowledge across business functions. Business degrees involve generalist studies in Business Administration, Business Management, Management, and Leadership.

Then there are Business Degrees that focus on specialist areas with a depth of knowledge in a single aspect of the business such as Accounting, Marketing, and Finance.

By studying these specialist areas, which make up a third or half the courses in the degree, it then becomes a Major.

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By completing a Major, you demonstrate sustained, high-level work in one subject. In some Majors, you prepare for a specific career.

Depending on the College or University, you might be able to Major in two subjects, have a Major and a Minor, or even create your own Major.

Is a Business Degree worth it? (Explained)

A Business Degree is worth it as it leads to varied, well-paying, and interesting careers in Marketing, Management, Finance, or Sales.

A Business Degree is only worth it if you are wanting to pursue a career in Business.

If you are interested in becoming a Lawyer or Engineer then you should pursue Law and Engineering school.

The good news with regards to wages, BLS reports the 2017 median annual wage for these occupations was $67,710.

And Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that business and financial occupation employment is projected to grow 10 per cent from 2016-2026—that’s 773,800 new jobs!

Is a Business Degree Hard? (Explained)

A Business Degree is not hard. In comparison to Law, Engineering, or Science degrees are generally more difficult than a Business Degree.

If you are looking for specifically easy majors or subjects, stay away from finance, and accounting because most people find those difficult and time-consuming.

The easiest business majors are typically Marketing, Business Management, and Business Administration.

The reason for being the easiest is they are the broadest subjects and use common sense. And if you are someone who doesn’t like maths (which is many), these majors have minimal or no mathematics.

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What are the Hardest subjects studying for a Business Degree?

Most students find law, statistics, and economics to be the hardest subjects when studying for a Business Degree.

The reason for finding law difficult is it’s a different and more critical way of thinking, with students having an entirely new vocabulary to learn.

Studying economics students typically find high levels of maths (graph analysis, algebra), and how concepts interact difficult.

When it comes to why students find statistics hard is the formulas. The formulas are arithmetically bit complex, and each formula is used only in a particular situation.

It makes it hard for students to choose which formulas to use and when.

It’s important to remember what is difficult for one person may not be for another.

The level of difficulty largely depends on your skills, interests, and what you are good at.

How Hard is Business Administration Degree?

A business Administration Degree is not hard. In comparison to law, accounting, and engineering degrees a Business Administration Degree is not difficult.  

A Business Administration Degree is a vast field of study across finance, marketing commerce, and management.

You will learn how to plan, implement and manage business strategies, and work towards both short- and long-term objectives.

Goes without saying that the difficulty of studying for a Business Administration degree will be influenced by the level of interest and effort you put into studying.

If you are a slacker and don’t study or attend classes you will find Business Administration difficult.

How Hard is Business Management Degree?

Business Management is not difficult compared to Accounting or Law majors.  The level of difficulty will also depend on how comfortable you are studying statistics and business law. Most students find these two subjects the most difficult to learn. 

The good news if you are not strong in these areas, there is plenty of online material that you can study to improve your mathematics and business law skills.

The easiest subjects are pure management ones. These are generally high levels of use common sense.

Engineering Degree Harder than a Business Degree?

Engineering Degree is harder than a Business Degree. Engineering is a challenging discipline that requires students to take in a lot of information. Engineering also involves learning mathematics and physics, and if you are not comfortable with these subjects will find it, Engineering Degree, hard.

However, answering this question can be a bit tricky, owing to the many different types of engineering degrees that we can get.

Engineering ranges from electrical engineering to mechanical, industrial, chemical, and civil, to name a few. All of these types are significantly different from each other.

This is a thorough discipline, and you need to be devoted and passionate about the subject if you want to pass.

The workload each semester can also be pretty heavy and can keep you on your toes.

Final Thoughts

A career in Business Degree can open the door to varied, interesting, and well-paying careers in Marketing, Management, etc.

So at the end of the day, there is a lot to like about Business Degree.

As with any career that you want to pursue, analyze yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, seek career counselling, speak with your friends and family to get their feedback and thoughts before deciding which major you want to pick.

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