Boring Being A Dentist? (Solved & Explained)

Being a dentist is a well-respected profession. A profession that is critical for our health and well-being.

A career as a dentist consistently ranks as one of the top careers.  Dentistry offers high income, stable low employment, and a fantastic work-life balance.

But the question that is often asked, being a dentist boring?

Does staring inside people’s mouths and talking teeth all day become boring?

It’s an important question to ask, especially if your planning to make a career out of being a dentist.

So is it boring being a dentist?

No, being a dentist is not boring. Being a dentist is a fun, challenging, and socially rewarding career. Many dentists continue to work well into retirement age because they simply enjoy the work. 

So in this article, we’ll explore aspects of being a dentist being fun, challenging, and interesting.

Being a Dentist every day is different? (Explained)

Being a dentist you will spend the day looking inside people’s teeth. But what you are looking at and working on is different every day.

Sure, there will be the usual routine checkups, cleaning, and fillings.

Then there are the more serious activities such as teeth extraction, root canal, and operations requiring general anesthetic.

Dentistry work is varied and challenging.

And the good news for those of us with teeth is the practices (including new technology) is always evolving and improving.

Gone are the days of filling holes with beeswax or in ancient times replacing teeth of animals or dead peoples’ teeth.

Dentistry has come along since ancient times, even in the last 10 years, dentistry practices have improved with computers, technology, and lasers.

This makes dentistry enjoyable because you know as a doctor by adopting new practices you are helping the life of your patient.

Being a Dentist you get to help people

Being a dentist you do get to help people. Whether it is providing preventative care or fixing up dental problems and eliminating pain, Dentists deliver benefits to people. Sometimes this happens in just one visit.

There are also cosmetic procedures, such as providing braces on a teenager so they have nice straight teeth.

Dentists also promote good dental and oral hygiene, gum diseases that lead to good health.

Poor dental health affects the whole body.

Bacteria can get into a person’s blood supply that can lead to becoming sick or worse can lead to death.

Being a Dentist you get to meet people 

Being a dentist you can see up to 20 people a day. There will be some difficult people, but most of the people will be friendly.

For those difficult, grumpy, and demanding patients, you will be pleased to know that they will only be in the chair for a short time and you hope not to see them again for months, if not forever.

You will however be meeting a whole range of patients from diverse backgrounds and interests.

There will be patients who don’t believe in regular check-ups, only come when there’s an emergency with their teeth.

Types of patients who don’t believe in proactive teeth maintenance.

These types of patients are likely to be driven by economic reasons or just not interested or bother to attend appointments regularly.

Then there are the patients who do believe in keeping regular appointments, for routine checks and maintenance.

Being a Dentist is financially rewarding (Explained)

Being a dentist of financially rewarding, with the average wage in the USA being $232,731

Orthodontists are paid slightly more at $240,030 

Like any salary guide, they should only be used as a guide. The actual wages will vary depending on various factors including the state of employment and type of practice.

If you were to start your own practice, income could be significantly more.

So being a dentist does pay well, is financially rewarding.

Being a Dentist offers flexible hours

One of the benefits of being a dentist is you don’t work long hours.  Unlikely a dentist would work past a 10 hour day unless they are on call for an operation.

Dentists typically don’t work long hours, from 9.30 to 5.30 pm the normal working hours.

Some practices might be open on Saturday morning.

The good news is you do have the flexibility to choose your own hours, particularly if you operate your own dental practice.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous reasons to become a dentist.

Being a dentist you are seen as a respected member of the community, that provides medical care to the public.

Other benefits include earning a high income that leads to financial independence.

Being a dentist is certainly not a boring job.

You are faced with different challenges every day, get to meet new people of varying backgrounds.

With ever-changing technology pushing dentistry to new ways of working it keeps dentistry very interesting.

For these reasons above, a career in dentistry is an exciting place to be.

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