Construction Worker A Difficult Job?

Employing tens of thousands of people, Construction work is a popular career choice for many.

And there is a lot to be liked about working in construction.

There is the instant gratification of seeing immediate results from the work you do.

You get to build things that benefit people, such as people’s family homes, schools, or hospitals. Knowing you have made a contribution is highly satisfying.

Then there is working at different sites each day meeting new people which is enjoyable.

And let’s not forget the enjoyment of working in a team of other construction workers and the comradery that gets built up over time.

So being a Construction Worker a difficult job?

Yes, construction workers do have a difficult job. A physically demanding job, construction workers are required to work at heights, on ladders, scaffolding, holes, or ditches operating machinery in tools in cramped, confined, dirty, dusty, muddy conditions.

Construction work happens when it’s sometimes hot, cold with no shade or protection. 

However, if you are comfortable using your hands, and not afraid of getting dirty or at least dusty it can be a highly enjoyable job.

So now the main question is answered let’s explore the most common questions relating to construction work.

Construction work is physically demanding

Construction work is physically strenuous. Working at a construction site requires carrying heavy equipment and material.

Sure there are cranes to help carry the very heavy loads, but they can’t carry everything.

Construction workers are required to carry pipes, planks mesh, bags of cement, etc.

And then there is the heavy equipment that needs to hauled through a dusty cramped construction site.

One of the hardest aspects of working on construction sites is the conditions. Such as mud, rain, and in some places snow.

A day of working in wintry conditions is exhausting. And, that’s only just one day.

Construction work hard on the body?

Yes, construction work is physically demanding it is hard on the body. Lifting and carrying heavy objects over time does have a detrimental impact on the body.

Most construction works carry niggling injuries, especially the older ones whose body has to succumb to wear and tear.

The most common issues are soft tissue injuries related to limbs and lower back problems, typically caused by poor material handling practices.

Construction sites are often full of toxic fumes, paint, and dust. Breathing in dust and fumes can lead to health issues. Asbestos is one of the worst.

Skin conditions are a common concern with construction workers who have rashes and dermatitis, caused by skin being exposed to these substances.

Construction happens in all types of weather

Construction happens in all types of weather. Depending on the work conditions entered with their employer are able to stop work if the weather conditions are too severe.

Those who do not have those conditions will be required to work through and deal with weather conditions.

Unlike a temperature-controlled office, construction workers still need to be prepared to attend a worksite in hot or cold conditions, at times on the top of buildings with no shade or protection from the rain, hail, or sun.

Construction site fatalities 

Construction is one of the most dangerous professions. The number of fatalities each year decreases, unfortunately, deaths are still too common.

The leading causes of death are falls.

Either from roofs, wall openings, scaffolding, ladders, or unprotected edges.

The construction worker with the highest number of fatalities is Roofers.

Electrocutions represent a large number of fatalities on a construction site.

Mainly caused by inadequate grounding, using equipment incorrectly, and faulty cords and equipment.

Being hit by objects is another leading cause of severe injury and death.

Falling loads, swinging objects, tools, and machinery falling from heights is a problem.  Scaffolding or trench caving in is another cause of injury and fatality.

What is the hardest construction job?

The hardest construction job is Roofing. For Roofers, this comes as no surprise as they are tasked with working at heights.

Carrying and maneuvering heavy objects whilst bending, crouching, and kneeling.  They are also work exposed to unfavorable weather conditions (wind, rain, sun, and snow).

Final Thoughts 

Working in construction is a difficult job.

However, if you enjoy working with your hands, getting dusty, dirty, and in a non-temperature controlled environment then working in the construction industry might be for you.

One of the benefits of working in construction is a variety of roles. There are different roles for everybody.

And if one day if you feel like a career change you can move into a different type of construction role you can.

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