Receptionist A Stressful Job? (Explained)

Being the public face of an organization, reception roles play an important part.

A role where you have to multi-task and connect with a whole range of people.

So being Receptionist a stressful job? 

Yes being a Receptionist is a stressful job. Being a receptionist you have to think on your feet, dealing with multiple tasks at once, greeting people, making bookings, emails, taking and making calls.  Having to manage all these tasks at once does cause stress. 

One of the most challenging parts can be dealing with demanding customers making unreasonable demands.

Similarly, at the same time, your bosses can be just as irrational and can make unreasonable demands or pile on the workload.

The work hours can also be limiting, which means you might not get enough time to do anything else.

Additionally, constant data entry and dealing with complaints can get monotonous and exhausting after a while.

Furthermore, many receptionists complain that they get blamed for small things going wrong in the company.

So now we have answered the main question let’s provide some tips for overworked and stressed receptionists.

Multi-Tasking Can Be Stressful 

Constantly Receptionists will have to greet visitors, have them sign them into the visitor database,

At the same time handle incoming calls and accept deliveries.

The role of being a receptionist can be very demanding, so you will need to be able to thrive on multi-tasking.

Trying to do too many tasks at once can lead to things going wrong.

Attempting to do too many things at once can also lead to feeling overwhelmed and being stressed out.

It’s best to try and slow down, perform one task then move to the next task and then the other.

If a customer is waiting for your attention, mention to them politely you will be with them in a minute.

Work through the tasks methodically, knocking them off one at a time.

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Customer Service Can Be Stressful 

Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. If you are in a customer-facing role such as reception you do need to have good people, customer service skills.

Unfortunately, there will be days when you are faced with difficult, cranky people demanding your attention and doing something for them.

The good news is if you need to brush up on your customer service skills there are many online courses you can do.

For instance, when searching “customer service” on Udemy it comes up with 10,00 results.

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Being a Receptionist A Bad Job?

Yes, being a receptionist can be a bad job for you if people skills aren’t your forte and if constant interaction exhausts you.

However, if you like dealing with all kinds of people and communicating their needs effectively, being a receptionist isn’t a bad job at all.

You can make good money while making contacts that can be helpful in the long run.

Additionally, there are ample progression opportunities, and you can easily make a career out of working in customer service.

Final Thoughts 

So being a Receptionist can be stressful, for a variety of reasons.

For Receptionists it is having to juggle multiple things and once, having to deal with people.

But that can be said for most jobs out there.  There will always be stressful elements to any job.

Hope you enjoyed this article, if you would like to learn more about being a receptionist see other articles below

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