Why Are Receptionists So Rude? (Explained)

So you have Googled, “Why are Receptionists So Rude” because you’ve just had an encounter with a rude receptionist?

This is a common complaint whether it’s a School Receptionist, Hotel Receptionist, Dental or Medical Receptionist.

And you are probably wondering why the Receptionist was rude or why Receptionists are always so rude?

So why are Receptionists so rude?

Receptionists are rude or appear to be rude because they are focused and stressed from having to deal with multiple tasks at once, such as greeting people (some of whom are cranky), making bookings, sending emails, and taking and making calls. Having to manage all of these tasks at once causes stress and rudeness.

And just because a Receptionist is not smiling and radiating warmth, doesn’t mean they are being rude, right?

Very few people I know have the ability to smile at every customer interaction for each day at work.

So maybe the receptionist is not rude just focused on trying to multi-task.

Who’s to say Receptionists are supposed to smile anyway?

Maybe the Receptionist is really busy, having personal issues, or not feeling well.

We all have our good and bad days, and so do Receptionists, However, this does not excuse rude behavior.

So now we have answered the main question, let’s further explore why the Receptionist are so rude (or at least come across as being rude)

Dealing with People Can Be Stressful

Being a Receptionist isn’t always a barrel of laughs, and neither are the customers or patients who they serve.

Being a Receptionist you have to deal with rude, pushy, and cranky people who think they are entitled to behave poorly and treat the Receptionist poorly.

Customers can come to reception and be rude and pushy, transferring their bad moods and rudeness to the Receptionist.

I hear you, bad moods of others should not affect the mood of a Receptionist, they should be able to brush it off.

Unfortunately, Receptionists are constantly having to deal with rude and pushy people, and that has an impact on how they feel.

Receptionists are also seen as the customer face of a business.

So maybe the business is really poorly run and the Receptionist is being given a hard time by the owner or other employees, and the Receptionist is reflecting this by being rude and unhappy?

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Why Are Doctors Office Receptionists So Rude? (Explained)

Doctors’ offices are trying to maximize their revenues and profits by cramming as many patients in a day as physically possible.

This approach to cramming appointments has a direct impact on Receptionists trying to perform their job.

Receptionists in doctors’ offices are rude because doctors’ offices are overcrowded with patients and appointments these days, making it difficult for Receptionists to manage. The Receptionists are rude as a result of their stress.

Then the patients get upset and annoyed because they don’t get the proper care from the Doctor or they are kept waiting in reception for too long making the patient annoyed and rude.

Again, the Receptionist is having to deal with angry and upset patients who are eager to vent their frustration.

Receptionists Multi-Tasking Causes Stress

Constantly receptionists will have to greet visitors, have them sign them into the visitor database,

At the same time handle incoming calls and accept deliveries.

The role of being a receptionist can be very demanding, so you will need to be able to thrive on multi-tasking.

Trying to do too many tasks at once can lead to things going wrong.

Attempting to do too many things at once can also lead to feeling overwhelmed and being stressed out.

This stress can lead to Receptionists coming across as being rude.

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Final Thoughts

So being a Receptionist can be Rude for a variety of reasons.

For Receptionists it is having to juggle multiple things and once, having to deal with people and rude cranky people.

But that can be said for most jobs out there.  There will always be stressful elements to any job.

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