Can Males be Receptionists? (Explained and Solved)

In the old day’s reception, front desk roles were seen as a role for females.

Men would not want this role and women be better suited for working at reception.

There was also a perception that visitors would want to be greeted by a female.

So can males be receptionists?

Yes, males can be receptionists, why not. It is perfectly acceptable that males can be a receptionist.  It should not matter if you are male or female. if you enjoy greeting people, present well and have a positive can-do attitude there is no reason why you cannot work as a receptionist/front desk.

Traditionally reception, front desk roles have been roles exclusively for females.

The good news is that males have started taking on reception/front desk roles.

So now I have answered the main question, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions relating to receptionist roles.

How can I become a receptionist with no experience? 

Hiring managers prefer candidates with experience.

However, if you are presentable, professional and come across a positive can-do attitude will increase your chances of securing a reception role.

Skills for being a receptionist

The receptionist is the first point of contact for visitors and has the responsibility to provide excellent customer care.

Receptionists are often viewed as looking into an organization. If you have a professional competent receptionist it reflects well on an organization.

To be successful as a receptionist you will require the following skillset;

Good Communication Skills 

Receptionists are constantly communicating in person or on the phone to clients or internal staff.

Some of the conversations will be tricky, dealing with limited information and troublesome clients and internal stakeholders.

The receptionist becomes the middle person liaising and taking notes between the client and the organization staff.

To overcome these challenges, Receptionists need to have good communication skills.


Constantly receptionists will have to greet visitors, have them sign them into the visitor database,

At the same time handle incoming calls and accept deliveries.

The role of being a receptionist can be very demanding, so you will need to be able to thrive on multi-tasking.


Having to multi-task under pressure means you also need to be well organized. Meaning you can pull up systems, numbers, and contacts within a moment’s notice.

A good receptionist will have a clutter-free – orderly workspace knowing exactly where everything is.


A rude receptionist will reflect poorly on an organization, leading to poor reviews and feedback.

In contrast, a professional, polite receptionist will reflect very well on an organization.

A receptionist must be friendly, helpful, and proactive when dealing with a customer.

Good with computers and phone systems.

Receptions use phones linked to computers with directories.

You will need to be comfortable using phones and computers, including the ability to use MS Excel and Word.

If you can demonstrate these abilities with a prospective hiring manager you will be in a strong position to get the job.

What Qualifications need to be a Receptionist?

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a receptionist. Some organizations would prefer a high school certificate.

Qualifications demonstrating understanding use of Word, internet, email, and phones might come in handy,

How Much does a Receptionist Pay (average)

Researching online, below are the average wages. They are averages and actual pay generally depends on the industry and size of the organization.

Australia – 55K per annum
Canada – 33k per annum 
United Kingdom – 19k per annum
USA – 33K per annum

Receptionist a Bad Job?

Being a receptionist is not a bad job. As a point of contact for visitors, the receptionist plays an important role in providing excellent customer service.

A receptionist is not an overly complicated job, however, you do need to be good with people, professional, and well organized.

Reception can be seen as an entry-level role, but that’s okay.

If you are seeking promotional opportunities reception can be ideal as you will build relationships across the organization.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of being male or female, if you have an outgoing personality, are presentable, have lots of patience, and can multi-task there is no reason why you cannot be a receptionist.

For those wanting a career path, working at reception provides a fantastic opportunity to build relationships within an organization.

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