Why Is It Difficult for Seniors To Get Employment ?

So you are not ready to retire full-time yet, maybe you’re wanting some part-time work to keep yourself busy throughout the day.

The extra cash can come in handy also, paying for bills, living expenses, and weekends away.

With retirees living longer and with low interest rates, and an unpredictable stock market,  earning extra income to subsidize your savings makes a lot of sense.

So why is it so difficult for seniors to get employment?

Seniors find it difficult to find employment as they are perceived to be too slow, physically weak, struggle to use computers, and demanding with respect for age and experience.

We know that it’s not true, Seniors can bring a depth of knowledge and experience to any workplace.

I have spent time researching the jobs for seniors. There might be other great jobs out there but found these jobs to be fantastic opportunities for seniors.

Bookkeeper ($18-22 per hr)
Handyman ($60-120 per hour)
Courier ($14-18 per hour)
Dog sitter/walker ($15 per hour)
Shop keeper ($16 per hour)
Carer ($20-29 per hour)
Tutor ($15-40 per hour)
Charity worker ($39 per hour)
Librarian ($32 per hour)

Bookkeeper ($18-22 per hr)

If you have a bookkeeping, accounting background earning some extra income balancing books is a perfect part-time role.

Regardless of the economy, there is always a need for Bookkeepers.

There are small businesses requiring bookkeeping, as well as accounting firms.

If you have a tax background your skills will be highly sorted after.

Especially the months leading up to tax time and the months proceeding tax time.

To be a bookkeeper you will need excellent communication skills, adept at accounting software, integrity, and relationship building.

Let’s not forget you will need to be comfortable with financials.

Handyman ($60-120 per hour)

Things always need to be fixed. Even if the economy turns sour, people rather fix something than spend more money buying new.

To be a handyman you need to be good with your hands, otherwise, you couldn’t call yourself a handyman.

The advantage of being a handyman it allows you the benefit of working when you want to work.

Successful in building up a business and client list, this is something you can sell at a handsome sum at a later date.

Courier ($14-18 per hour)

With more and more parcels being sent around, there is always a need for someone to deliver them.

Some courier roles involve you own your vehicle, others provide you with a vehicle.

Payment is based on mileage or an hourly rate or a mix of them both. Just make sure you do the math to make sure it’s financially worthwhile.

Keeping in mind if driving your own vehicle you need to consider running costs.

The advantage of being a courier is the flexibility of choosing when you want to work and how much time you want to spend working. There will always parcel to be delivered.

The skills to being a courier are being able to be friendly with customers, navigate the tracking device, be reliable, and have a good driving record.

Dog sitter/walker ($15 per hour)

For those of us who have worked full time or gone away on vacation, we understand the challenge of finding someone to look after Fido.

If you’re passionate about dogs and have some experience of handling dogs at different sizes and temperaments.

Dog sitting/walker roles vary from taking dogs into your house for some time to taking dogs for a walk during the day.

Other services may involve living dogs sitting at someone’s house whilst they are away on vacation.

The benefit of living at someone else’s house, you won’t be using the facilities at your place. Saving you money on your bills.

Being a dog sitter is ideal for someone who has a large secure backyard. You also need neighbors who won’t complain if dogs start barking.

Shop keeper ($16 per hour)

Working is not always about making money, it’s also about human connection.

For those liking to chat, being a shopkeeper, or acting as an assistant in a shop can be gratifying. The main tasks of shopkeeping are to serving people and processing sales transactions.

There is usually the need to restock the shelves, resolving with customer complaints, and keeping the shop clean.

Shopkeeper roles vary from Walmart to local clothes shops to the local pharmacy.

So if you like talking and helping customers and be active on your feet, then shopkeeping is a consideration.

Carer ($20-29 per hour)

For those wanting to make a difference to people and supporting them to live independent daily lives is very rewarding.

You will never be short of smiles, conversation, and laughter. Clients will be happy to see you and be grateful for your help.

This will make you feel valued through the support you’re providing.

The role of a carer can vary from cleaning someone’s house, taking them shopping to cooking, or changing their beds. No one day will be the same!

With an aging population, there is an increasing demand for carers. You will never be short of a shift.

To be a carer you will need to be good interpersonal skills, Be supportive and understanding to the persons being looked after.

Tutor ($15-40 per hour)

So if you’re very passionate about teaching and helping people, then this is the right job for you.

Tutoring is a fantastic way to help others who are struggling to pass their subject, by passing on your knowledge and guidance,

At the same time making you some extra money on the side.

Whether you are working with children or adults, the support that you are providing them to reach their full potential is incredible.

Learning is an important aspect, but not the only one. Helping them be successful in learning also builds their confidence and self-esteem.

Thankfully the demand for tutors is in strong demand. Keeping in mind that some skills will in more demand than others.

To look for tutoring opportunities check out tutoring classifieds in local newspapers and also online forums.

There are also websites that specialize in connecting tutors to students and vice versa.

Charity worker ($39 per hour)

Do crave meaningful work? Are you motivated in helping others and creating a more equal and sustainable world?

By being active in the community and helping those less fortunate charity work offers a great sense of fulfillment.

That’s why charity workers report high satisfaction levels.

Positions are flexible with charities keen to receive help from compassionate people.

Whilst the pay may not be great, the reward of helping others is much greater.

To be a charity worker you will need to be well organized, teamwork, good listener, budgeting, and fundraising.

It also goes without saying you need to be good with people from all walks of life.

Charity work can vary from administration, fundraising, project management, catering to education.

Local historian ($33 per hour)

Generally, there are few people who have a local history of your community or area.

Being able to learn and then teach others within your community about the local community is highly rewarding.

To become a local historian you will need to research and analyze past events in an objective manner, communicating these in written or oral form.

So if you someone who enjoys reading and researching history, then being a local historian could be for you.

The benefit of being a local historian you can uncover fascinating stories.

You get to travel around meeting interesting people within your community.

Learning new events and meeting new people is good for mental health.

Gardener ($12 per hour)

Do you have a green thumb? Do you like raking, weeding, digging, pruning, and planting?

If you do why not extend your enjoyment and knowledge of gardening into a paid role.

Gardening is very good for your health and wellbeing. Physical exercise is good for your heart, muscles, blood pressure, and burns calories.

Being occupied with nature is good for your mood, relieving stress, acting as a kind of mindlessness. Making you feel happier.

Freelance Copywriter ($50-80 per hour)

So you are probably asking, what is a copywriter? To answer a copywriter is someone who researches, plans, and writes (copy) for the purpose of marketing goods or services on behalf of a client.

Copywriting examples include written content for blog posts, advertising slogans, emails, letters, speeches, and scripts.

To be a copywriter you will need to have strong written skills, the ability to extensively research topic that is to be written and adhere to clients guidelines in order to fulfill the brief.

The advantages of being a Freelance copywriter the flexibility of choosing your own hours, where you want to work, and the briefs that interest you.

So you probably asking, how do you become a freelance copywriter?

What skills do I need? Well, don’t worry most people practicing copywriting don’t have these skills.

The key skill besides having strong written skills is persuasive writing. Which is a form of writing that convinces the reader of an opinion?

Here are some good books to help quickly skill up on copywriting.

  • The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
  • Copywriting for Dummies
  • The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman

Copywriting is a skill that you get better the more you practice. You can do this while your working.

So how do I get a job and earn money? Well, to start earning you need clients.

The simplest way to gain experience and earns is to become a seller on fiverr.com or upwork.com

Librarian ($32 per hour)

Enjoy books, some human interaction, and want to keep busy, then being a librarian is a consideration.

No need to worry about changes to the weather when working inside a temperature-controlled library.

So what does a librarian do all day? The main duties involved checking in and checking out books.

Maintaining inventory through, cataloging, correcting errors, and putting books away. It also involves helping students out with questions relating to books and topics.

You don’t require a degree to become a librarian or have a background in becoming a librarian.

Often clerks, administration style people are hired into Librarian roles. You do, however, need to have a calm, helpful attitude and enjoy talking to people.

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