Receptionist Dead-End Job?

So you have “googled” being a receptionist a dead-end role because you are looking for a receptionist front-end role or currently in one?

Just to be sure, when we say a dead-end job it means “a job where there is little or no chance of career development and advancement into a higher paid position”

So being a receptionist a dead-end job?

No, being a receptionist is not a dead-end job. Being a receptionist allows you to build relationships across the organization, exposing you to exciting career opportunities.

So now I have answered the main question, let’s discuss career opportunities for receptionists.

What are the reception, front desk career paths?

One of the benefits of working at reception you get to meet everyone in the organization.

This allows you to build relationships and understand the functions and jobs within the organization.

Thereby, opening up opportunities to work your way up through the organization

Below are some roles utilizing reception, front desk skills. These roles can be used as a stepping stone for the next role.

These roles below are just some job ideas, there will be other roles available depending on the size and type of organization.

Mail Room 

The mailroom function is sorting the company’s inbound and outbound parcels and letters. Involves working with couriers and postal officers.

Front desk supervisor 

Responsible for the reception, front desk operation. Involves managing staff rosters, hiring, and appraisal of the reception staff.

Sales Administrator

The role of a sales administrator is to support salespeople by processing sales orders, keeping track of information, and following-up of orders post-sale.

Customer Service Administrator 

This role involves dealing directly with customers, can vary from organization to organization.

However, the tasks generally involve speaking directly with customers, dealing with complaints, stock issues, and problems with product or shipment

Executive Assistant (EA)

The role of an Executive Assistant is to support the organization’s executive or senior-level staff.

The role involves managing the executive’s calendar, organizing and accepting invitations, provide clerical support.

The role might also involve booking flights and accommodation for the executive.

Office Administrators 

Office administrators perform a wide range of tasks, ensuring the administrative functions of an organization.

The key responsibilities involve managing tasks around HR, Accounting, Facilities,  Purchasing, Sales, Petty cash.

Marketing co-ordinator 

The role of a marketing co-ordinator to support the marketing function through organizing tracking sales campaigns.

Maintaining marketing databases, tradeshows, inventory plans, and reporting.


The purchasing clerk or officer is responsible for the ordering of goods and services needed for the daily operation of an organization.

Accounting assistant

Moving into one of these roles, assuming you enjoy them you can do further study to cement your understanding.

For example, if you have moved into an accounting assistant role you could study accounting part-time.

By the time you have complete your accounting course, you will know about accounting both practical and theoretical.

This will allow you to move up to more senior accounting roles.

Final Thoughts

Reception roles are seen as level entry roles, and there is nothing wrong with working in such a role.

If you happy working as a receptionist indefinitely that’s fine.

But if you are the type of person wanting more, seeking advancement that also good.

Starting off in a reception role can be used as a springboard into another role.

To do so, best to work out what you like, what don’t like, put a career plan and work towards it. Keeping in mind, there is nothing lose.

If you do get a more advanced role and you don’t like it you can always go back to a receptionist role.

Hope you enjoyed this article, for more about becoming a receptionist please see the articles below

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