Plumber A Hard Job? (Explained & Solved)

Are you considering becoming a plumber or just curious if being a plumber is a hard job?

With close to 1/2 million plumbers in the USA, it is one of the most popular and in-demand trades.

So is being a plumber a hard job?

Yes, plumbing is a hard job. Plumbing is a mentally and physically demanding job. From waking up early to dig trenches, to spending the day unblocking sewerage drains, You do need to be comfortable working in extreme conditions. However, if you can keep yourself fit and free from injury being a plumber is a rewarding job.

From climbing ladders to repair guttering, or spending the day crawling on your stomach under a house in a confined space on a hot day.

There will be days when you are exposed to dangerous chemicals, asbestos, and raw sewerage.

Then there are the inconvenient calls in the middle of the night to responding to emergency call-outs, depriving you of a decent night’s sleep.

Often there will be the pressure of competing jobs.

Adding to the pressure is completing a job on time and avoidance of any mistakes.

This can be tricky when having to adhere to the rules and regulations.

There are consequences for making mistakes and not getting the plumbing right.

Having to tear down walls because the pipework was installed incorrectly. Or exploding taps causing widespread flooding.

More extreme cases of exploding gas heaters and poisoning. causing injury and harm to the occupants.

While it is evident that being a plumber is hard, let’s explore further what makes being a plumber hard.

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Is Plumbing Hard To Learn?

Yes, plumbing is hard to learn, there is a lot to learn with thousands of rules and regulations to remember.

Over time and with experience plumbing is not so hard to learn.

As an apprentice, your ability to learn will also be determined by the plumber teaching you.

If you have an experienced plumber who has the patience and ability to properly teach plumbing will be made easier than if you don’t.

To be successful at plumbing you will have the desire to learn, have good problem-solving skills, and being mechanically minded will be an advantage.

Is Plumbing Hard On The Body?

Yes, plumbing is hard on the body. Plumbing is a physically demanding job, from digging trenches to climbing ladders to fix and repair and replace guttering. So yes, Plumbing is hard on the body.

Over time the physical nature of the role can take its toll on a plumber’s body.

The physical demand for plumbing does take its toll, especially on older plumbers, who will avoid putting their bodies at harm by refusing to do certain work.

Such as heavy lifting or digging trenches for an extended period of time.

These physically demanding jobs are often given to apprentices or younger plumbers who are early in their careers.

Final Thoughts 

Whilst being a plumber is physically hard, keep in mind that plumbers do get paid well.

The wage ranges between $40 to $80k per annum, depending on location.

Metropolitan areas and certain states do pay higher wages.

To become a plumber (apprentice) you do get paid, paid to learn mind you.

Unlike going to college you don’t end up with large college debt.

Once you become a qualified plumber and have a few years of experience under your belt you can then look to set off by yourself, setting up your own business.

Hope you found this article useful, if you would like to know more about being a Plumber see links to other articles below

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