What Is It Like Being A Plumber? (Explained)

Everyone needs a plumber at some point in time to repair drains, unblock pipes, unclog blocked toilets through to fixing leaking taps.

Plumbing plays an important part in our lives ensuring water comes in out of properties properly.

The plumbing profession has been around for centuries. In Roman times plumbing was used to build expansive aqueducts, tiled waster removal, and widespread use of a lead pipe. Interestingly enough the word “plumber” dates from Roman times.

To be a plumber you did need to have specialized skills, training and It’s not for everyone.

So what is it like being a plumber?

Each day is different, plumbers work at a different site, meeting new people, and helping to solve problems. Being a plumber involves getting dirty, contorting yourself to confined spaces, and climbing up ladders working at height.

A day typical day is eight hour day that involves activities such as repairing or installing pipes and plumbing fixtures, clearing blockages from pipes, and toilets.

The role of a plumber also includes performing cost estimates for repairs and installations and recommending these solutions to customers.

So now I have answered the main question, let’s discuss other aspects of what it is like being a plumber.

Is Plumbing a hard job?

Yes, plumbing is a hard job. Plumbing is a mentally and physically demanding job. From waking up early to digging trenches, you need to be comfortable working in extreme conditions.

From climbing ladders to repair guttering, or spending the day crawling on your stomach under a house in a confined space on a hot day.

There will be days when you are exposed to dangerous chemicals, asbestos, and raw sewerage.

Then there are the inconvenient calls in the middle of the night to responding to emergency call-outs, depriving you of a decent night’s sleep.

Often there will be the pressure of competing jobs. Adding to the pressure is completing a job on time and avoidance of any mistakes.

This can be tricky when having to adhere to the rules and regulations.

There are consequences for making mistakes and not getting the plumbing right. Having to tear down walls because the pipework was installed incorrectly. Or exploding taps causing widespread flooding.

More extreme cases of exploding gas heaters and poisoning. causing injury and harm to the occupants.

Is Plumbing a stressful job?

The plumbers I have dealt with are far from being stressed they come across as being relaxed.

So is this always the case? Maybe it’s just the plumbers I have dealt with are not stressed.

So anyway, is plumbing a stressful job?

Yes, plumbing can be stressful. Plumbing can be stressful for inexperienced plumbers who are given a task and don’t know how to fulfil it.

This can lead to stress as the inexperienced plumber is worried about making a mistake.

Especially if a customer is hovering around.

For experienced plumbers the job is less stressful, however dealing with difficult clients and tight deadlines can make the job stressful.

If you are a plumber who is still building on your experience and unsure of how to do something, then the best thing is to speak up and ask for help or advice.

The last thing you want is to make a mistake plumbing and whole building to find it the building needs to be ripped down.

And If you make a mistake put it down to a learning experience.

Try not to dwell too much on the mistake. Best to learn and move on.

Is Plumbing hard to learn?

So, is plumbing hard to learn? Although there is a lot to learn with thousands of rules and regulations to remember, plumbing is not so hard to learn.

As an apprentice, your ability to learn will also be determined by the plumber teaching you.

If you have an experienced plumber who has the patience and ability to properly teach learning plumbing will be made easier than if you don’t.

To be successful at plumbing you will have the desire to learn, have good problem-solving skills, and being mechanically minded will be an advantage.

Is Plumbing a fun job?  

Yes, plumbing is a fun job. What makes plumbing an enjoyable job is that every day is different. With different problems to solve, socializing with new and interesting people.

You won’t be stuck in the office as you will be attending different worksites and helping customers by solving their problems.

Like installing new bathroom taps through to keeping the plumbing systems working to deliver clean water.

This makes plumbing an enjoyable job.

Do you need to be strong to be a plumber?

Yes to be a plumber you do need to be strong. Plumbing is a physically demanding job and you need to be fit and strong.

You will need to be able to lift and carry heavy items and equipment like piping, toilets, and vanities throughout the day.

You will also need the physical and mental stamina of spending long days outside in the hot sun on roofs or crouching down on your stomach in confined spaces.

Is Plumbing hard on the body?

Yes, plumbing is hard on the body. Plumbing is a physically demanding job, from digging trenches to climbing ladders to fix and repair and replace guttering.

So yes, Plumbing is hard on the body.

Over time the physical nature of the role can take its toll on a plumber’s body.

The physical demand for plumbing does take its toll especially on older plumbers, who will avoid putting their bodies at harm by refusing to do certain work.

Such as heavy lifting or digging trenches for an extended time.

These physically demanding jobs are often given to apprentices or younger plumbers who are early in their careers.

Should I become a Plumber?

So should I become a plumber? If you enjoy problem-solving, working with your hands, and don’t mind getting dirty then plumbing could be for you.

You also need to be prepared to haul heavy loads up flights of stairs.

You will also need to be comfortable climbing up ladders, working at heights on scaffolding, and contorting yourself in confined spaces.

Plumbing is like being a doctor, there is always a need for these professions Being in demand offers a high level of job security.

College students nowadays are graduating with the burden of large loans that takes a year to pay off, setting graduates financially back many years.

Choosing to plumb you can avoid this burden by attending vocational training or community college which is significantly less cost.

When you enter an apprenticeship you get paid to learn on the job whilst working.

Being a plumber you do get paid well.

The wage ranges between $40 to $80k per annum, depending on location.

Metropolitan areas and certain states do pay higher wages.

Once you become a qualified plumber and have a few years of experience under your belt you can then look to set off by yourself, setting up your own business.

Building your own business provides you with the opportunity to build a team of plumbers to work for you, dramatically increasing your earnings.

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