Why Is It So Difficult Trying To Land A Bookkeeping Job?

So you have been looking for bookkeeping for some time, applied for roles, and had some interviews but haven’t landed a job.

This can be extremely disheartening and frustrating.

So why is it so difficult trying to land a bookkeeping job?

The main reason why it is difficult to land a bookkeeping job comes down to not having the skills or bookkeeping qualifications.  Most organizations will be seeking to hire bookkeepers with qualifications.

Being unsuccessful in obtaining a job can be extremely disheartening. Especially if you have been unsuccessful in repeated attempts.

But not to worry, let’s walk through the steps that can be undertaken for you to land your bookkeeping job.

Seek feedback from Recruiter 

By seeking feedback from the recruiter you can obtain useful information as to why you were not successful in landing the Bookkeeping job.

If you have been unsuccessful in a number of interviews you might find that there are consistent gaps in your skills and experience.

By understanding these gaps you can then make plans to address them.

If you are submitting your resume to advertised jobs and not getting interviews, you need to understand the gaps between your resume and the job ads.

The closer the skills and experience to the job ad the great the chance you will be asked for an interview.

How to Improve your Bookkeeping skills

If the feedback is due to a lack of bookkeeping skills, you can then hone in on the skills you do not have.

Thankfully there is plenty of free courses online. I have had another article that details the list of bookkeeping courses available.

Try to complete a course that provides a certificate, so you can then use it as evidence of successfully completing the course.

Once you have completed the course update the recruiters letting them know. This will demonstrate that you are motivated in obtaining a bookkeeping job.

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How can I obtain Bookkeeping experience

If you have missed out on Bookkeeping roles because of lack of experience and the successful candidate had more experience than you.

If it is a knowledge gap, that’s okay you can close this gap by learning on the job at your current workplace if it allows, or you can study some bookkeeping courses online.

If you are in a non-bookkeeping role and wanting to gain bookkeeping experience reach out to your manager letting them know this.

People generally want to help and will assist you in obtaining the necessary skills and experience.

How to Interview well for a Bookkeeping role

For your next interview be prepared the following Bookkeeping questions. Have these well-rehearsed prior to the interview

  • Tell me about your bookkeeping experience?
  • What kind of accounting software or systems did you use?
  • What were your primary responsibilities?
  • Tell me about your computer skills, including excel?
  • Are you a team player?
  • What kind of accounting structure are you familiar with?
  • How do you deal with completing tasks under strict deadlines and pressure?
  • What have you recently done to improve your bookkeeping skills?

Also remember the first 1/2 a minute is the most important. Build rapport, smiling, and being friendly.

Make sure you remember and use the first names of the interviewers.

At the close of the interview, have some rehearsed questions to ask. It is not just about asking questions, but also gain insights into the organization and the role.

Such as what is the culture like? What is the style of the person this role reports to? What are the current challenges of this bookkeeping role?

At the end of the interview, thank the interviewers for their time and wrap up the meeting as to why you would like the role and what you have to offer. People are drawn to passionate, interested candidates.

So say something along the lines of

“Thank you for your time. This role sounds really interesting, exactly what I am after, and be able to utilize my bookkeeping skills”.

Whatever your wrap-up is, make sure it is concise and confirms your interest in the role, reminding the interviewer of your strengths and what you can bring to the role.

What should I wear to a Bookkeeping interview?

Women should choose to wear a skirt or pantsuit, accompanied by a sweater or blazer. Complimented by a blouse or shirt with a conservative heel.

Ideally, the skirt should not be above the knees whilst standing, no short or mini skirts. Women should also avoid cleavage.

Men should wear a white or conservative colored shirt, a suit with a conservative tie, and dark socks and shoes.

Would avoid wearing jeans, t-shirts as they look too casual.

It is also important to ensure they are clean and look like they have been recently pressed (no wrinkles).

Final Thoughts 

Applying for bookkeeping roles and being unsuccessful is disheartening.

Especially after numerous attempts. But that does not mean you should give up.

The key is to understand why you were unsuccessful, then make gains to close the skills or experience gap so when you next apply you in a strong position to land the bookkeeping job.

Hope you found this article helpful. For related Bookkeeping articles see below