Computer Programming Hard to Learn?

You have likely “Googled” Is Computer Programming Hard to lean because you are considering a career in computer programming, right?

If you enjoy computers, enjoy solving problems and creating, making things then a career in computer programming should be a consideration.

So is Computer Programming hard to learn?

Computer programming is not hard to learn. Basic coding can be learned quickly. More advanced coding will take time, persistence, and patience to learn.

Learning programming is like everything else, will require discipline, curiosity, and the ability to overcome frustration to get the coding to work.

More complex coding will take years of practice to master. Programming can be seen as a vast, complex, and daunting field.

This can be off-putting for many people starting in coding.

Some coding is more difficult to learn than others. Html, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and Java are some of the easiest, high-level languages for beginning coders to learn. Assembly, C, C++, C#, and Object C are more difficult to learn.

Does Programming require a high IQ?

To be a programmer you do require above average IQ to learn to code, and the intelligence to then apply coding to complex real-world problems.

What is the easiest way to learn to program?

To become a programmer there is plenty of free accessible material available online to learn programming without needing to get a college degree.

1. MOOC List

Massive open online courses or MOOCs are arguably the most revolutionary aspect of free online education.

Some MOOC trainers might charge an amount for testing or issuing a certificate or collegiate credit but the materials of the course are free.

MOOC List is a search engine designed specifically to display courses from online learning platforms.

These platforms include the likes of Coursera, edX, Fun, FutureLearn, OpenClassrooms, and some of the top universities.

Most of the courses have definitive start dates which make it easier to find the ones that are the most suitable for you.

There are many fantastic courses on MOOC, here are some of the fantastic programming courses on the MOOC list are;

Harvard University – Computer Science for Web Programming. A six-month course, designed to provide the student with a broad and robust understanding of computer science and programming.

Will become familiar with several languages, including C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML.

Michigan University – covering the basics of programming computers using Python.  The course has no prerequisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics.

Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. The course covers the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python.

Harvard University  – Computer Science and Mobile appsA broad and robust understanding of computer science and programming.

Concepts like abstraction, algorithms, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security, software engineering, and web development. You also learn to develop your mobile app using JavaScript, JSX, ES6, React Native.

2. Alison

Alison is a great easy-to-navigate online learning provider. The course pages include an informative description, predicated outcomes, estimated execution time as well as recommended skill level for successful completion of the course.

The courses are free but you will have to pay a fee to acquire a certificate or diploma designation.

Alison courses have a certificate, diploma, and learning path designation with the required time commitment growing for each level.

There are a large number of courses from Introduction to Programming, through to intermediary to more advanced courses. There is also a course on Data Science and Mobile Apps.

3. Udemy

You can find 10,000 courses related to Programming on Udemy. The courses include topics such as “Learning Programming Masterclass” and “Java Programming Masterclass for software developers:

You can opt for a foundational, intermediate, or advanced course. There is a $200 fee for most of the courses, but some are available for $100 as well, or maybe less if there is a sale.

4. edX

edX has partnerships with top universities such as Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley.

There are more than 100 Programming related courses you can choose from.

Many of the courses available are self-paced and led by an instructor. edX has introductory Programming courses as well as advanced courses.

Both free and fee-based accounting courses are available with the paid courses generally ranging from $49 to $249.

You can obtain a certificate for the free courses by paying an average fee of $150.

5. Coursera

Coursera offers 250+ programming courses. Some of the available courses are the introduction to programming and more advanced courses.

You can also earn a Master of Computer Science if you so wish.

The courses are available at the certificate, specialization, or degree level.

The average time to complete a course in four weeks and the cost is usually less than $100 including the certificate.

The specialization courses range between $39 and $79 per month and take four to six months to complete.

The degree programs take one to three years to complete and can cost up to $25,000.

6. Online Universities

Various respected universities offer online bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The University of Phoenix offers certificates and degrees in more than 100 programs including Programming

7. YouTube

The keyword “computer programming” garnered more than 1 million hits.

There is a whole range of courses from beginner to learning python in 4 hours.

Watching some YouTube videos initially will help you better understand how Programming, languages, and testing to see if coding is something you want to pursue.

Final thoughts

Pursuing a career in computer programming, blogging has been a popular career path for many years. For good reason.

Learning programming/coding is a skill set that can lead to a varied and exciting career.

An experienced programmer is in demand and pays generous wages.

If you are considering learning how to code and is something of interest to you are on track to a fulfilling career.

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