Architecture Hard To Study?

Are you thinking about becoming an Architecture and want to know how hard it is to study?

We’ll look at how hard Architecture is to study in this article.

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So, is studying Architecture hard?

Yes, Studying Architecture is hard. Students can expect to work long hours, with intense levels of learning.

Architecture is also hard as it requires deep thinking and understanding. 


Architecture is very design-heavy and problem-solving-based, requiring students to learn a broad amount and range of subjects. Studying architecture requires students to be the jack of all trades.

That is architecture school is like going to a semester of construction school, a semester of art school, a semester of theory school, a semester of business school, a semester of history school, and a semester of design school all at the same time.

Attending Architecture school, you can expect to submit a large number of outputs simultaneously submit, ranging from models, drafting plates, written reports, etc

But if you have a desire to study architecture don’t let the hard work put you off.

Having an interest in architecture will make it easier.

It does help if you are a creative type, and curious about design and how buildings and structures can affect the way we live, our mood, and our behavior.

What the Internet Says

Yes! It is!

Studying architecture needs dedication to the field. All architecture students I met on the date found it difficult.

Source: Quora

So now we have answered the main questions, let’s further explore popular questions relating to studying Architecture

Can I become an Architect if I can’t Draw?

Yes, you can be an Architect if you cannot draw.  You do need to be able to draw basic sketches well enough to illustrate your thinking to a client. Nowadays, Architects use computers to produce drawings. 

If you are wanting to improve, you’re drawing it’s simple.

Buy a sketchbook and some pencils and start scribbling.

Draw buildings or whatever, and when you have developed good control of your pencil or felt-tipped pen or whatever you like to use, try drawing in perspective.

It’s not that hard once you’re used to it.

Architecture the Hardest Degree? (Explained)

Yes, Architecture is one of the hardest Degrees out there. In comparison, it is harder than a Science degree and a Business Degree due to the sheer amount of study required. It is equally as hard as Law and Engineering.

However, it is important to note that level of difficulty will depend on a person’s level of interest

Final Thoughts

Studying Architecture is not easy, it is not a stroll in the park.

It will take dedication, focus, and hard work to pass College and become an Architect.

Making any career decision is a big one.

It’s important to consider your options and speak with family and friends to get their feedback.

Even obtain career counseling.

Importantly think about your strengths, weaknesses, and likes, because success in any career ultimately comes down to what you like doing.

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